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Masjid Al Salaam was Founded on the principle of Taqwa and Unity.

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    Dr. Malachi Z York

From Egypt To America

The new location at:

1625 North Pearl Street is in the Historic Spring Field District just north of Downtown Jacksonville, Shands Hospital, Florida Community College (FCCJ), Interstate I-95, and 30 minutes from Jacksonville International Airport.

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By Resident Imam Umar Abdul Sharif

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 Dr. Malachi Z K York is an innocent Liberian diplomat sitting in Solitary Confinement at the age of 73 in a Supermax prison.  Liberia also was DENIED a visit with their Diplomat. He Needs Your Help!!!!

Can't build an empire or multi million dollar business by yourself. A team of people is needed to help you. This is why group economics is so important. So much more money can be made with a group of people contributing than you doing it by yourself. There's a million dollars in every family. When you put ENVY AND JEALOUSY aside And EGO and dislikes to work together for the future, anything is possible.


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"There is no deity except Allah, the Lord of Adam, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and the final Prophet, Muhammad

(Peace be upon them all)."

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